Is the CBD losing the plot..?

Agricultural Biodiversity in the CBD
Patrick Mulvany

ECO 49 Issue 1 at COP/MOP7

Looking at the agenda of COP/MOP7 and COP12, one wonders if the CBD is losing the plot… and the field, the farm, the pastures, the forests, the fisheries... The lack of explicit focus on actions to sustain biodiversity in the human managed environment – the agricultural biodiversity that dominates terrestrial biomes and is vital in coastal waters – is an indictment of the governance of the Convention and its Protocols.

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Agriculture and Climate Change

Real Problems, False Solutions
Helena Paul, Almuth Ernsting, Stella Semino, Susanne Gura & Antje Lorch

Report by EcoNexus, Biofuelwatch, Grupo de Reflexion Rural, NOAH - Friends of the Earth Denmark, and The Development Fund Norway.
Published for COP15 of the UNFCC in Copenhagen, December 2009.

Few would deny that agriculture is especially severely affected by climate change and that the right practices contribute to mitigate it, yet expectations of the new climate agreement diverge sharply, as well as notions on what are good and what are bad agricultural practices and whether soil carbon sequestration should be part of carbon trading.

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Agrofuels: Towards a Reality Check in Nine Key Areas

Almuth Ernsting, Andrew Boswel, Nina Holland, Helena Paul, Christine von Weizsaecker, Stella Semino & Tamra Gilbertson

Co-published by Biofuelwatch, Carbon Trade Watch / Transnational Institute, Corporate Europe Observatory, EcoNexus, Ecoropa, Grupo de Reflexión Rural, Munlochy Vigil, NOAH (Friends of the Earth Denmark), Rettet den Regenwald, Watch Indonesia

Report submitted to the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in preparation for SBSTTA 12 (July 2007, Paris, France).

Executive Summary

This document focuses on particular types of ‘biofuel’ which we prefer to call agrofuel because of the intensive, industrial way it is produced, generally as monocultures, often covering thousands of hectares, most often in the global South.

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Meeting "Agriculture and Genetic Engineering"

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ECOROPA Meeting on Agriculture, Genetic Engineering, Vladimir Vernadsky/The Biosphere; Environmentally Destructive Subsidies, Local Markets, and Access to Information for Citizens, organized by Joan Davis at The Boldern Conference Centre, Zürich/Männedorf (Switzerland)



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